They’re young, successful
and goal-oriented. Their superpower?

Their skills and expertise, perfected through a great deal of hard work, much patience and, of course, talent. Their mission? To spread the unique spirit of the European and World skills championships all over the world and inspire more and more young people with their deep-seated enthusiasm for their skills and trades. The EuroSkills 2021 heroes all are former WorldSkills and EuroSkills winners, who are now being sent all over Europe as official ambassadors for the vocational skills championships. And they are receiving celebrity support from EuroSkills 2021 patron Andreas Gabalier. Starting in Graz, they will be conquering the whole of Europe in the company of the popular Styrian folk singer.


#be amazing

be like Birgit Haberschrick,
Gold, floristry – EuroSkills 2014

EuroSkills completely rewrote my life story in just one second. It was the moment during the main awards ceremony at EuroSkills 2014 in the French city of Lille, when, suddenly, my name was called. If you’re ready to push yourself to your limits with hard work and ambition, you can achieve it all…


#be focused

be like Fabian Gwiggner,
gold, graphic design – EuroSkills 2016

Making the best of every situation: this phrase means far more to me than just empty words. It was the foundation for my success at EuroSkills 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden, even though I came close to giving up…


#be creative

be like Lisa Janisch,
gold, painting and decorating – EuroSkills 2016

It’s something see it again and again with us craftspeople, that sparkle in our eyes. The feeling of being so proud of what we’ve created with our head and hands. It’s the same sparkle that has brought me to where I am today…


#be unique

be like Manfred Zink,
gold, cabinetmaking – WorldSkills 2015

Being unique. Having a skill that no-one else has. That’s what motivates me every day. Even though my great dream of becoming a world champion cabinetmaker came true way back in 2015 – my journey is by no means at an end…


#be down to earth

be like Benjamin Schindelars,
participant, floor laying – World Skills 2017

Being down to earth. Having a skill that no-one else has. That’s what motivates me every day. Even though my great dream of becoming a floor layer came true way back in 2017 – my journey is by no means at an end…


#be chilled

be like Kevin Jaindl,
gold, bricklayer – EuroSkills 2014 Lille

Trying out and finding exactly the profession that you enjoy and that suits you: That is the message that EuroSkills 2021 hero Kevin Jaindl represents. The path to EuroSkills came about for the Burgenland native at the time thanks to a dedicated boss who told him, “Now we’ll just give it a try.” And his tip for all participants at EuroSkills 2021? “Don’t give up and keep calm. Just make the best of every situation and give it your all, then nothing can go wrong.”


#be authentic

be like Franziska Ehgartner ,

gold, Restaurant Service – WorldSkills 2014 Sao Paulo

With authenticity and know-how, Franziska Ehgartner, then 20 years old from Carinthia, won the gold medal in the “Restaurant Service” skill at WorldSkills 2015 in Brazil, proving that she is one of the best young professionals in the world. And what advice does the restaurant service world champion have for EuroSkills 2021 participants? “In my opinion, the most important thing is naturalness and authenticity, with that you can leave a lasting impression. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so enjoy the time, be yourself and have fun!”


#be exquisite

be like Stefan Lubinger ,

gold, bakery – WorldSkills 2011 London

With a lot of passion and joy Stefan Lubinger creates delicacies in the baking scene and sweetens everyone’s day!


#be strong

be like Melanie Seidl,
gold, stonemasonry – EuroSkills 2012

That sound when my iron tools hit the hard ground. And knowing how to shape an element as hard as natural stone. That’s what shows me that choosing the right occupation is key to a successful career – and I made it…


EuroSkills 2021


With EuroSkills 2021 we are hosting a large-scale event at European level. We are determined to make the event into an unforgettable adventure for all participants…