What makes Birgit Haberschrick a genuine EuroSkills hero? Talent, ambition and a passion for detail and perfection. Thanks to this, she was crowned European floristry champion at EuroSkills 2014 in the French city of Lille. “Since that day, nothing has been the same. EuroSkills has opened doors for me, led to fascinating professional encounters and brought my floral creations to the most beautiful homes of the country”, reports the 28 year old. Birgit’s path to EuroSkills and her gold medal started purely by chance. “Without much discussion, my boss at that time decided that I should enter the national championships because it would be a great experience. I was right in the middle of my master craftsperson’s training, and quite busy with work. So yes, I did hesitate for a moment. But I quickly realised one thing: success has to be earned. You only get out what you put in,” she recalls. The rest is Skills history. First, she was declared best in Austria, then best in Europe. What did she personally get out of EuroSkills apart from the gold medal? “It is possible to reach beyond your own limits. You go through a tremendous learning process: you must be able to concentrate under extreme working conditions, keep calm and never give up. Being able to do this is something you will find useful again and again for the rest of your life, in all kinds of areas.”


…on her way to EuroSkills 2021 in Graz. The European floristry champion takes you behind the scenes of exciting events, shares her personal tips and tricks for the competitions and offers interesting insights into her everyday life. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or in the brand-new We are Skills app, you can be part of EuroSkills in Graz and enjoy the unrivalled spirit of the European skills championships with a touch of Austrian flair.