Being unique and constantly working to perfect himself and his crafts: this is the very personal drive behind master cabinetmaker Manfred Zink. The dream of becoming a world champion came true for the 24-year-old in 2015 at World Skills in São Paulo, Brazil. But he is still a long way from achieving his goals. “Every day, I set myself new goals and look for challenges. Complex mounting solutions, spectacular 3D shapes – when others can’t find a solution, I get ready to throw myself into my work”, says the gold medal winner from Styria.

It is obvious that Manfred is a cabinetmaker who is passionate about his craft. He inherited his enthusiasm for the trade from his father, who let him help even as a child. “If you enjoy what you do every day, constantly working on and improving your skills, then you too can become a world champion. That’s why making a conscious decision to follow a trade is essential.” He himself is now also a trainer at apprenticeship competitions. “That’s why young people are always coming up to me to ask for advice for 2021. This level of interest at the competitions pleases me, and makes me particularly happy about the future of my trade,” he says.

What are his lasting memories of his victory? “The moment when the klaxon sounded and we knew that we had won. He’d been preparing for a whole year. And his hard work, every weekend spent in the workshop, every sacrificed minute, was rewarded with the long-awaited gold medal. Since then, he has become even more focused on wood as a raw material: “It’s around me all the time, whether in the workshop or in nature.”


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